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Debbie Moffett

IT Security Program Manager

“There’s an intangible factor about INDUS that makes it different from other companies. We have our own way of doing things.”

In addition to being a subject matter expert on C & A, Debbie Moffett is a program manager. She currently works for the Department of Transportation’s FITSS program, helping to create innovative solutions for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

As a team leader, she loves the independence that INDUS gives her when running her team. INDUS knows that with independence comes the increased need for knowledge. Thus, mentoring, guidance, and training are vital to ensuring customer programs are managed effectively.

“INDUS has given me the opportunity to work in new technical areas. I enjoy learning new things as well as leading talented professionals. Many companies would never have let their program managers do that. INDUS has the faith in its employees to put them out front and let them shine.”

“Going through the ranks as a manager, INDUS makes certain you understand the contracting environment. When your employees know what they’re talking about, it builds confidence for them—and that confidence transfers to the customer.”