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Experience Team INDUS

At INDUS, we value our employees as our most important assets. Our technical professionals exceed a 5-year average employment at INDUS and our overall staff retention rate exceeds the industry standard by more than 10%. It might be the water they drink, but we firmly believe that it is because of how we treat our professionals and the challenging assignments and opportunities they have at INDUS.

INDUS frequently reviews employee performance and provides open and honest feedback and ensures their compensation levels are fair and competitive. INDUS attracts the most capable technologists and invests to retain them and continuously expand their capabilities so that they can develop new solutions with confidence. Our employees know we will deliver a low-risk deployment and a long-term commitment to continuously improve their mission support capability and cost-effectiveness. 

INDUS relies on its highly collaborative culture to respond to customer challenges and provide employees with the information they need to succeed.

We are INDUS and we are one company! At INDUS, we adopt early to identify the technologies, tools, and practices that can change the velocity of our work and contribute to our client's success.

We are agile and flexible! At INDUS, we empower our professionals and leaders to commit resources and make key decisions.

We value our community! At INDUS, we encourage our employees to get involved and contribute in a meaningful way to their communities and be a positive influence.

We have fun! At INDUS, we not only work hard, but know how to have fun. Potlucks, parties, birthdays, holidays – you name it, we celebrate them all.

We are people! We are trained, experienced, and certified to respond to any challenge. Challenge us.